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Welcome to Being Unlimited, a podcast series with Adyashanti. These donor-supported conversations are aimed at exploring and awakening to the unlimited expressions of our true being.

Aug 10, 2019

In this enlightening podcast, Adyashanti speaks with purpose guide Jonathan Gustin about how to discover your soul’s purpose and unlock your authentic destiny. Jonathan reveals the triple purpose of life: to wake up, to grow up, and to show up—and encourages you to burrow down into your depth to explore, discover, and then fully occupy your soul’s purpose. Together, Jonathan and Adyashanti explore the evolution of enlightenment, common roadblocks to giving and receiving love, and what it means to truly embody your life’s purpose. Jonathan Gustin is a psychotherapist, meditation teacher, purpose guide, and the founder of the Purpose Guides Institute.

Topics Explored: 

Exploring Our Soul’s Work, Purpose, and Meaning
The Triple Purpose of Life: To Wake Up, To Grow Up, and To Show Up
Joy Tolerance
Removing Roadblocks to Giving and Receiving Love
The Evolution of Enlightenment
Making Your Purpose Conscious and Deliberate
The Soul as Perception
Societal Expectations versus Individual Soul Values
The Key to Unlocking Your Authentic Destiny

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