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Welcome to Being Unlimited, a podcast series with Adyashanti. These donor-supported conversations are aimed at exploring and awakening to the unlimited expressions of our true being.

Jun 25, 2020

In this episode, Adyashanti speaks with Peter Kingsley, an incomparable scholar of ancient philosophy and a first-class mystic, who has unparalleled knowledge and a compelling passion for the origins of western culture. Peter is also the author of five books including Reality and Catafalque: Carl Jung and the End of Humanity. Together, rooted in their deep love of truth and caring, they explore the tradition behind all traditions, how to anchor the transcendent in the world of time and space, the unexpected disruption that profound revelation can bring, and what it means to be rooted in the eternal.

Topics Explored: 

  • What Is Nonduality
  • Being Truthful as The Way
  • Our Approach to Spirituality
  • The Tradition behind All Traditions
  • Anchoring the Transcendent in the World
  • Our Culture Is Starving for Authenticity
  • The Inception of the Spiritual Search
  • Facing the Collective Unconscious
  • The Spiritual Instinct

Peter Kingsley's website: